I know why you’re here and I understand your problem…

Your overdue receivables are strangling your cash flow and it’s having a significant impact on your daily business operations. The problem is you don’t know how to collect the money without losing the customers. You need someone to take this off your hands and just sort it out, without them wanting to take over and turn your systems and processes upside down. You just want the money in your bank, then you can look at processes and systems once you’ve got better cash flow and are less stressed and have some control back.

You’ve found the answer to your problem.

Here’s my promise to you…

….and that’s how I’ll turn your receivables into GOLD! But to work with me and my elite team, there is a strict criterion that must be met. I only collaborate with clients who want incredible results and are willing to challenge the status quo.

So, you can breathe now, your problem is solved. I have the fast and practical solution you need. I’ll do for you what I do for every client – You’ll have your money in the bank in 90 days; you’ll have a system that operates like clockwork; your cash flow will be flowing like Niagara Falls; you’ll finally have peace of mind, less stress, and can get back to doing what you love in your business.

My promise is not an empty statement. It’s given to you on the back of 100% success with every client in the last 16 years. Clients in every industry, on three continents. I did it for them and I will do it for you.

Time is critical, do not procrastinate, take immediate action, and book a consultation with me today.

About Us

Our Legendary 3-Step Approach to Collecting Your Money AND Keeping Your Customers


We connect with your customers as part of your team using synergistic communication. This ensures your customers feel valued and understood. It also prevents them from being offended or upset that you sent them to a ‘debt collector’ and your business being ‘bad mouthed’ to others.


We treat all your customers with respect and show them that we want to work together. This helps develops trust and strong relationships with them. We use synergistic communication to understand what’s happening in their business and their life. This is crucial because they determine their payment behaviours and patterns.


Our human approach means your customers are far more open and willing to collaborate with you to pay their overdue accounts. We transform their old payment behaviours to ensure ‘on time, every time’ payments. Your customers feel valued and respected, so they’re happy to continue doing business with you. Your relationship is now very solid because it’s based on trust, not price. And your customers sing your praises to everyone.

Our Services

Services that Transform Your Culture

We’re about far more than simply collecting your overdue accounts. You see, we understand that your business culture has a massive impact on customer service and relationships. Ensuring your business harnesses a customer centric culture helps us achieve the incredible results we do.

After collaborating with us.…

We also offer you an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, in-house consultation and training. This helps to banish the “Us and Them” culture within your business. Transforming the communication, respect, and connection of your business from the inside out. Our consultation and training provide you with loyal fans that form part of your business family, they’re not just customers. This increases your word-of-mouth reputation and referrals and rockets your sales.
Overdue Accounts Solution

90-Day Turnaround Program

Cash flow is everything, without it your business will suffocate. Our proven 90-Day Receivables Turnaround Program does exactly what it says. We guarantee to turn your overdue receivables around in just 90 days and put the money in your bank. Not only that, but we transform the culture and cash flow within your business. So, you can get on with growing your business and ensure your future success.

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