In-House Receivables Management & Collection

Your customer’s impression of your approach and how you deal with them to discuss their overdue accounts is vital…

Get it wrong and they’ll be instantly offended and can feel intimidated, embarrassed, or disrespected. If this happens, it’s guaranteed they won’t shop with you again, and what’s worse is they’ll bad mouth you and your business all over town.

That’s why we offer you an in-house, personal approach to dealing with customers who owe you money. We become part of your team and use our strong people skills to relax your customers, so they want to collaborate with us. We’re the only company that offers this in-house service. And it’s one of the reasons we have such a strong success rate.

90 Day Turnaround
Option 1

A 90-day turnaround solution

How would you like to have money coming into your bank account in just 14 days?

With our 90-day turnaround solution you can have that, and we guarantee to put a minimum of 70% of your overdue receivables in your bank within 90 days. How great would that feel?

Option 2

We become your in-house Receivables Management & Collection team

Still guaranteeing your 90-day turnaround solution. We work alongside your admin or accounting team as we oversee and manage your receivables operation.

Your customers love this because we literally become part of your team on a contracted basis. So, when we contact customers, they’re immediately put at ease, knowing we’re part of the business and want to work together to find a solution.


Consultation & Training

You know, when collecting overdue receivables, we find the same thing again and again…

There’s often an “Us and Them” culture throughout the company. Whether that be between your team internally, or between your team and the customers. Either one has a significant impact on cash flow, and if you have both, you have a bigger issue.

This damaging culture causes huge problems for your receivables. Because no-one wants to work together to get them paid. Your team put all the pressure on your customers and your customers react badly. They’re reluctant to pay their overdues and have a bad opinion of your company, which damages your reputation.

It can also cause problems internally, causing low staff morale and a high turnover. Team members take more sick leave, are less productive and do not feel part of the vision or future of the company, which effects your bottom line, profit! Left unchallenged, an “Us and Them” culture strangles your cash flow and hampers the growth of your business.

Our in-house training has a ton of benefits for you…

To improve your bottom line, you must have engaged staff operating as one unified team with one clear purpose and vision. To transform the culture of your business, improve profits and your customer relationships, contact us today to arrange your in-house consultation and training.