Receivables Management That Sets You Free

Do you know what we love most about what we do?

It’s the amount of people we’re able to contribute to…

We contribute to you, your customers, your team, and your business. Once we’ve focused on contributing to, and collaborating with people, your overdues are collected almost automatically.

As I always say, “Focus on people, money is the result.”

This attitude has helped us stand out as leaders in the field of overdue receivables and has seen a deliberate separation from the world of debt collection. Because no-one else has our people-centric approach based on synergistic, connected communication. And they certainly don’t have our results.

Plan Tailored to Your Business

A Plan Tailored to Your Business

By taking the time to hear you and understand your business and needs, we can create a plan that’s right for you and your industry. We design and implement a receivables management plan that’s tailored to your business. A plan that provides an affordable, successful, and sustainable solutions that ensure your future success.

Our clients regularly praise our dedication and personal touch. We’ve perfected our 3-Step approach of Connect, Respect and Collect through years of implementation and trial and error.

It’s proven to yield incredible results for you…

We know how stressful it is when your customers aren’t paying you on time. When your cash flow is restricted, your business is restricted, it impacts everything. And not just your business, but your personal life also. Stress is no joke, it impacts personal relationships, causes sleep issues, health problems and effects your decision-making ability. Cash flow management is no joke, the quality of your health and life depends on it.


You, Your Business and Your Customers

Seeing the positive impact we have on business, owners and individuals is what drives us. We literally see our clients transform in front of our eyes as their overdues get paid and their cash flow improves. They become happier, less stressed and, I swear, they start to look younger!

If you’re stressed about your cash flow, worried that you might offend your customers and drive them away by demanding payment…

In-House Solutions That are Trustworthy and Effective

We keep all your solutions in-house, so you always remain in control of your cash flow. And we speak to your customers as part of your team. So, they’re relaxed and remain confident that they’re still a valued customer.

This is vital! Many companies hand over their control to third party companies who have no interest in the customer, only the collection of the money, because there’s no long-term strategy or any future relationship for them to consider. This causes serious problems. If you want to know why the debt collection industry is so heavily regulated in their treatment of people, that’s why! And in a world of social media marketing, ad-words and online reviews, your customer now has a powerful platform to advocate or denigrate your business.

Imagine if you were in your customers shoes…

For a fast turnaround in your cash flow, delighted customers, and long-term cash flow solutions, contact us today. Your customers are valuable to your business, so value them.

Maximum Trust & Effectiveness

Amanda Lee

Receivables Management Advisor

Hi, I’m Amanda, the Receivables Guru.

I started my career as a young woman in office administration. I soon got promoted to Executive Secretary to Directors in various organisations. I realised I had a gift for connecting with people quickly and powerfully, creating instant rapport and trust. So, I decided to venture into sales and became Account Manager for ACG Finance in New Zealand.

I relocated to Australia in 1999 and started working within a large petroleum company. Specifically dealing with the collection of overdue accounts. Realising the inherent problems with engaging debt collectors, I knew I could do better. So, I did. My people centric approach has made me a sought-after authority and industry leader in Receivables Management.

I’ve studied many areas of human behaviour. Psychology, body language and Neuro Linguistic Programming. These studies formed the foundation of the science behind my philosophy. Combining it with my natural passion for contributing to people and connecting with them has underpinned our success. The businesses we work with quickly see the transformation in both their customer relationships and their cash flow.

I’m hardworking, extraverted, and easy going. When you collaborate with me, you’ll love the human approach and customer centric systems I bring to your business. Because like I always say, “Focus on people, money is the result.”