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A NEW not-for-profit organisation has been created to support and develop small- and medium-sized Australian businesses.

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) employed more than five million Australians and exported more than $1 billion worth of goods annually, the head of the new body, called the SME Association of Australia (SMEAA), said on Friday.

“We have a very clear mission to provide services that will help them connect with each other and with big business locally and internationally, to help them grow and succeed, create sustainability, jobs and, ultimately, a prosperous healthy nation,” SMEAA chief executive Caroline Hong said.

The organisation would publish a magazine, hold events and link with international SME organisations to provide its members with knowledge and contacts, she said.
Membership is open to business owners, sole traders, associations, not-for-profit organisations and entrepreneurs.
Foundation memberships at a discounted price are currently being offered until 30/06/2012.

Amanda Lee & Co is proud to be a founding member of SMEAA
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