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It’s no secret that dealing with accounts that are overdue is a nightmare for most businesses.

It’s dispiriting to deliver an excellent service then have to chase customers for payment. It affects your cash flow, your relationship with the customer and your morale.

Collecting overdue accounts is awkward and stressful – especially when you’re relying on your customer’s timely remittance to pay your own bills and make payroll.

Worst of all, sending an overdue account to a debt collector creates tensions that usually result in the loss of any future business with that customer.

In the current financial climate, however, no business can afford to lose customers – and they can’t afford to wait to be paid either.

The good news is there is a solution that is quick, simple and cost effective.

Amanda Lee & Co loves collecting overdue accounts and can actually build good will with your clients at the same time. We are highly experienced professionals who specialise in turning difficult payers into highly profitable clients who pay on time.

Give us a call on 0413 487 416 or go to our CONTACT US page to arrange an appointment so we can start improving your cash flow immediately.

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