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Collecting overdue trade accounts is awkward and stressful – especially when you’re relying on your customer’s timely remittance to pay your own bills and make payroll.

Amanda Lee & Co team are on your side.

We are highly experienced professionals who specialises in turning difficult payers into highly profitable clients who pay on time.

Here, we share with you the three key elements that make Amanda Lee & Co successful at collecting overdue accounts:

  1. Your customers must be called regularly by the same person, who builds a relationship with them over each and every call. With regular contact this person will become a trusted contact that your customer feels confident in being honest with about money.
  2. There is a critical ‘window’ of time in which you should speak to your customers whose accounts are falling overdue. Leaving this too late reduces the chances of collection. The key to converting late or slow payers to swift paying customers is consistent communication within that important ‘window’.
  3. Many people hate calling customers about money. An Amanda Lee & Co Overdue Accounts Specialist is great at money talk because they are of a very particular personality profile . Every person has a specific personality profile that thrives in certain areas and struggles in others. The key to collecting overdue accounts is ensuring the right personality is calling customers about money. Unfortunately most business owners give this job to the wrong people in their business.

It’s these three elements that means Amanda Lee & Co is more successful than traditional debt collectors, more cost effective than other finance options.

If you don’t have the time, resources or know-how to implement all three of these key elements to speed up the payment of your accounts receivable, give us a call on 0413 487 416 to arrange an appointment so we can start improving your cash flow immediately.

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